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Botswana starry night
Leopard with young


Out in Botswana

Feels good right, the name of this country? Well, we are in love with it as well. This landlocked giant has been the favorite luxury safari destination for decades. Botswana is, together with Kenya, our favorite family destination. The whole country breathes wildlife. A stunning 38% of the country is reserved for wildlife and nature conservation. Nowhere else in the world can you experience such diverse landscapes as you can in Botswana. The dry Kalahari Desert that covers a large portion of Botswana and the wet Okavango delta are proof of the contrasting landscapes of the country. The wildlife will leave you speechless. We know that only a few countries have bragging rights to this title, and Botswana is lucky to be among them. From elephants, many species of birds, lions, buffaloes, hyenas – every animal that you look for on an African safari is rife in the country. Picture-perfect scenes are Botswana's hallmark. Whether it's the sunset over Makgadikgadi Salt Pans or sipping cocktails by the Chobe River, Botswana enchants with its beauty. Rainy season unveils lush landscapes and vibrant wildlife. For the salt pans, winter is the ideal time to visit when they gleam dry. The Batswana, the country's people, take pride in their culture. Among the nation's diverse tribes, traditions persist, connecting present and past.

Map of Botswana National Parks

Safari-Safari magic

We list a few of our magical safari choices that can inspire you in your quest to experience the best of Botswana. Ultimately, you will be in touch with us, and we will personally navigate you through this country, as to tailor-make your safari. A part of your safari could be spent in Zimbabwe, knowing that the Victoria Falls is a must. Your beach extension could see you end up in Zanzibar or in Mauritius. Water Safari Talking about magic: well, this experience makes you wonder about our magical earth: View wildlife from the water on a thrilling boat safari, past hippos, sunbathing crocodiles, and a dazzling array of birds. Whether by boat, mokoro or canoe, floating has never been so magical. Experience the thrill of exploring Africa’s waterways, from the Okavango Delta, to the quiet Linyanti, to the meandering Zambezi. There’s nothing like navigating the water, big and small wonders revealing themselves. Starry sky Safari Sleeping under Botswana's stars is a marvelous year-round adventure. Whether in the Okavango delta or the Kalahari Desert, this educational and relaxing experience awaits. Let us tailor the dreamiest option for you and your companions, children included – they'll adore it! Night Safari The bush awakens at night with sounds of jackals, lions, and elephants. Join our guided night drive for a sensory experience. Infrared spotlights reveal elusive nocturnal animals like bushbabies, spring hares, and more. Leopards and pangolins might even grace you with their presence.

Botswana starry night


We excel in finding the ideal accommodation and service for you. With deep industry knowledge, our team members have education and experience in this field. Our personal relationships with owners and managers ensure personalized care. Plus, we prioritize environmentally conscious properties. Your comfort and our planet's well-being matter to us. - Villas and luxury houses stand alone, offering privacy, butler service, pools, and fixed structures. Luxury and personalized care define these options, and we strive to secure the finest choices. - Luxury Tented Lodges, known in safaris, emphasize an outdoor connection. Canvas tents with attached bathrooms are standard, and communal areas include restaurants, reception, and pools. - Luxury tented camps feature permanent sites with mainly canvas structures and permanent bathrooms. These camps prioritize views and the bush experience. - Mobile camps, like above, use canvas-style accommodations for mess tents, sleeping tents, and bathrooms. Comfort remains, but this option is the most adventurous.

Botswana starry night


Botswana is an example for many countries when it comes to conserving their wildlife and its’ habitats. This attention has brought many visitors to the country, and consequently crucial revenue for the protection of natural areas that are home to unique flora and fauna. Come and make an even greater impact while visiting the immense Central Kalahari Game reserve.

Boat Safari Okavango Delta Botswana


Botswana experiences two distinct seasons: the Green Season from November to April and the Dry Season from May to October. Instead of Spring and Fall, Botswana has a wetter and drier period. During the Summer, often called the wet season, rain doesn't mean constant drizzle and gray skies as in Europe or North America. It's different here, with sunny mornings followed by short intense afternoon showers, creating dramatic skies. Why not consider the Green Season for your safari? Here's why: - Migratory birds are present, making it perfect for bird photography. - More foliage leads to better backgrounds and more baby animals. - Early Green Season is a prime time for new life; animals like impala delay giving birth until the rains arrive, ensuring enough food for their young. Towards the end of the Dry Season, October and November, temperatures rise considerably as the rains begin. Daytime temperatures can hit 40°C (104°F). If you can handle the heat, the abundance of animals along The Chobe River can be astonishing, as it becomes the last reliable water source in the North. Animals that migrated north return, while others stay year-round, providing consistent sightings.

Wild dog and elephant in little Vumbura Camp Okavango Wilderness
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