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Giraffes in Masai Mara National Park Kenya

Inspired, reliable and always there for you


With 25+ years' experience, our Safari-Safari team creates your dream safari. Our luxurious ans sustainable experiences are tailored to your preferences. We are Africa experts, familiar with thrilling locations, top lodges, and fantastic activities.

Join us in Africa to make a difference. Committed to eco-conscious hospitality and conservation, we've curated destinations that need your visit for wildlife protection and biodiversity. Your journey matters.

Explore our site and contact us to plan your ultimate luxury African safari.

Annelies van Beest I Seth van Bracht

What We Stand For

Based in Mauritius, we meticulously plan your safari alongside our reliable partners at your chosen destination.


We offer personalized, discreet service for your safari enjoyment. We're flexible, with no boundaries, and we maintain contact before, during, and after your journey. Let's discuss destinations, seasons, and the incredible wildlife you'll encounter. Your safari experience matters to us.








What we stand for

We plan and organize your safari from our current home base in Mauritius, in tight partnership with our trusted partners in the destination of your choice.


We can discuss different destinations, the seasons, and what wildlife you can expect to see, as we are committed to giving you the personal and discrete service you need to enjoy your safaris to the fullest.


We adapt when you wish to, there are no limits for us, and we will stay in touch with you before, during and after your Safari.

Why we do what we do

With 30 years in Africa, we have lived and worked amid its magic. Our bond with this continent, where our children grew up near National Parks, fuels 'Safari-Safari'. Africa inspired us, and now we aim to inspire you. It's our family home, and we're here to make it yours. Our care for its’ environment and wildlife conservation gives us the ongoing motivation to do what we do.

We will make sure that you travel with a calm and positive mind, so that you can use all your senses to experience the magic of Africa.

Who We Are

Founder - Safari Planner


van Beest

Annelies owner company

Born in the Netherlands, Annelies was a successful international entrepreneur when fate stepped in and she was given the opportunity to start a new adventure in Tanzania. It changed her life forever; Africa became home and she went on to create a life of safari, adventure, wonder and excitement. Annelies brings her sense of style, knowledge and many years of experience in Tanzania's hospitality and safari industry to every aspect of her safari company Safari-Safari. After several ventures, including helping build one of the most prestigious lodges in Africa, being a team member for other successful safari lodges, opening a raw food emporium and creating her fine line of designer handbags, she settled with her two children, Olivia & Finley on the lower slopes of Mt Meru in Arusha, taking over management of Ilboru Safari Lodge in early 2014. In 2019 she took a sabbatical year and traveled around the world, giving her wings to explore more African destinations. She has reconnected with a world of Study, Yoga, Meditation and healing, writing and photography during her sabbatical.

Founder - Safari Planner


van Bracht

Seth owner company

Seth, hailing from the Netherlands' south, earned his Hotel Management degree in The Hague. An 11-month backpacking trip ignited his African calling. Settling in Nairobi in 2007, he guided travelers through Kenya and Tanzania's wonders. Nairobi's vitality led him to his wife, Caroline. A year later, they moved to Northern Tanzania, hosting guests in renowned safari lodges. Marriage and two boys enriched their journey. Seth's 8-year tenure at Red 'n White, a wine company, solidified his wine expertise in Tanzania. In 2022, seeking a European upbringing for their kids, the family moved to Portugal. Underneath, in his own words, why he does what he loves doing at Safari-Safari: “I have never been that interested in nature, while growing up in The Netherlands. Head always down, thinking about life, not seeing the beauty around me. Of course, my home country had lots of concrete buildings, lots of well-groomed parks and streets and lots of cars, but there was beauty as well. I just didn’t see it. Africa forced me to look up, to look beyond. It has given me so much in terms of life experience and understanding the circle of life. The circle of life is visible everywhere in Africa and helps understanding the life of people and the eco-systems in countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. It gives a greater understanding of our climatological challenges. Everywhere you look is nature, and all senses come to life. I feel more grounded, more spacious, and closer to nature when in Africa. Immersing myself into the Serengeti, into the eyes of a lioness, gives me the understanding that animal species need protection and that I can give back by promoting wildlife conservation efforts. If I could only give our travelers a glimpse of what type of freedom and excitement I experience during a bush-trip. It is my love for hospitality and for facilitating people with making new memories that drives me. My love for East Africa is one thing, but my love for sharing this is even bigger….”




Caroline representative company

Caroline Wangeci, from Mt Kenya region, grew up in Nairobi. Being the oldest of four sisters, she is known for being the example, the one who took care. Her drive and dedication led her to a world of marketing in the center of Nairobi. After meeting with Seth, she moved to Tanzania to dive into the hospitality sector. Having operated and managed a lodge first-hand, her calling lay in the Human Resource department, from where she oversaw the needs of all employees. From 2017 onwards, Caroline did find another passion for fitness and health, which caused her to educate herself in this sector. Fit as she is herself; she now impacts people from all over the world to stay healthy and energetic. Africa, and mostly Kenya/Tanzania, is in her blood, and she can only smile when thinking of her home. There is no one better to help you understand Africa, and there is no one as caring and loving for animals as Caroline is. Her love for life in Africa will instantly sparkle across and will want you to visit this incredible continent.

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