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Cheetah mother with cubs in Masai Mara Kenya


"Your trip to African wildlife habitats, to the known and unknown areas of East- and Southern Africa, will lead to a greater chance for these massive areas to survive for the following generations. Your visit to Africa is your contribution."

"We believe in conservation through tourism."

Zebra's in Serengeti Tanzania

To keep wildlife areas and corridors intact, value needs to be created. You are that value. While you travel, you contribute, and you create value. So, thank you for coming to Africa, to the cradle of mankind. After your visit, you will automatically become an ambassador. You will spread the word. We all do. The more travelers commit to a safari, the more nature stands a chance of survival.

Southern Carmine Bee-eaters, Okavango Delta, Botswana

We care deeply about the restoration and conservation of the natural world. We love the planet to remain unchanged as is, but the need to flow with the changes is unmistakable.

Giraffe at sunset, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Take for example the Serengeti ecosystem: it remains one of the biggest conservation successes of our time. Millions of wildebeests, zebra’s, gazelles, and their predators co-exist. The biggest show on earth, they call it: The Great Migration. The areas that all these animals occupy have been under pressure and will always stay under pressure, but the area grew, the animal numbers went up over the years and their habitat remained intact, only because YOU came.

Our Conservation Picks

If you like to make even a bigger impact than you already make, we encourage our travelers to visit lesser-known parks and areas. Your experience will be as majestic as ever, but your impact much greater. We have chosen these locations in each of our destinations with great care, and with the assistance of our conservation partners, “Conservation through Tourism”.


Ruaha National Park

Mahale Mountains National Park


Samburu – Buffalo Springs

Tsavo East & Tsavo West


Central Kalahari Game Reserve


Mana Pools – walking safaris with highly experienced guides

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