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Indian Ocean


Out in Zanzibar

Zanzibar, closely linked to mainland Tanzania within the Republic of Tanzania, extends your mainland Safari beautifully. The name itself evokes images of endless white sandy shores and inviting blue waters, with the island surrounded by private isles forming the Archipelago. Rich in history and culture, Zanzibar captivated adventurers, sailors, and traders from afar. Renowned as the spice island, with a legacy of trade in cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon, the Zanzibar Archipelago still carries the aromatic essence of spices today. Traditional dhows continue to grace the horizon. Arab influences are deeply embedded in the islands' culture, seen in the diverse population mix of Shirazia (from Persia), Arabs, Comorians (from the Comoros Islands), and Bantu from the mainland, with the latter being predominant. With 97% of the population practicing the Islamic faith, the remaining fraction is a blend of Hindu and Christian communities.

Map Zanzibar

Safari-Safari magic

As you fly over the island upon arrival, the first thing that will capture your attention is the water. The blend of captivating blue shades is magnificent, and makes you want to witness this with your own eyes. All underwater safaris are in full swing on the island, especially diving and snorkeling. We know all the responsible activities that are possible on the island, so please be in touch with us, so we can discuss and set-up your preferred activity.

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Allow us to recommend your stay here, as it is oh so important. You’ll spend most of your island time in and around your temporary home, so we’d like you to feel as comfortable as possible. Privacy is key here, as is peacefulness and spaciousness. We aim to accommodate you in either a suite in one of the top boutique resorts or in a private villa, all right on the beachfront. Other options include a private island boutique resort or a long stay on a houseboat.

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We carefully choose the accommodation for you, with our third eye monitoring the facilities in their efforts to make life better for the local community, and certainly for the sea life around them. Fragile underwater ecosystems like these do not deserve to be polluted by screaming jet skis or by tourists wanting to swim with dolphins. No recommendation from our part when it comes to these activities, also out of respect for the heritage of Zanzibar and its community.

Sea creatures


Zanzibar boasts a delightful island climate, albeit occasionally scorching. Nestled by the Indian Ocean, its gentle sea breeze ensures comfort. Throughout the year, Zanzibar is a recommendation close to our hearts; a place of relaxation, exploration, and safari finales that leave you joyful. Note that the hottest months span December to February.

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