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Majilis Resort - Lamu - Kenya


Out in Lamu

Welcome to the captivating Lamu Archipelago on Kenya's northern coast. Lamu, Manda, Pate, and Kiwayu Islands offer serene paradises to unwind after your mainland safari. This remote gem serves as a perfect extension to your adventure. Discover luxury resorts that cater to families, offering everything from deep-sea fishing to water sports and peaceful kayaking. Lamu Town, Kenya's oldest Swahili settlement, boasts history in its narrow streets, carved doors, and mosques. Private charters make access easy, and carefully chosen accommodations await your unique preferences. Steeped in Swahili culture, Lamu's people preserve its heritage. As donkeys amble and cars remain scarce, you'll step into a tranquil world where time seems to stand still.

Map of Lamu Archipelo

Safari-Safari magic

There are sufficient recommendations from us here, although it depends on your own preferences and expertise. Below we list most of the activities possible on the island, so please contact us so we can discuss and set up your preferences. In the air Scenic flight In the water Snorkelling Shore fishing Deep-sea fishing On the water Water skiing Windsurfing / Kite surfing Kayaking Sailing / Dhow excursions On the road again Bird watching Tour of the old city of Lamu

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Allow us to recommend your stay here, as it is oh so important. You will spend most of your island time in and around your temporary home, so we want it to feel as comfortable as possible. Privacy is essential here, as is peace and quiet and space. We aim to accommodate you in: * A private beach villa with full-time staff along Lamu's coastline or * A luxury suite in one of the best boutique resorts

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We carefully choose the accommodation for you, with our third eye monitoring the facilities in their efforts to make life better for the local community, and certainly for the sea life around them. Fragile underwater ecosystems like these do not deserve to be polluted by screaming jet skis or by tourists wanting to swim with dolphins. No recommendation from our part when it comes to these activities, also out of respect for the heritage of Lamu and its community.

Northern Carmine Bee-eaters atLamu - Kenya


Lamu has a wonderful island climate. Located at the Indian Ocean, the warm sea and its breeze will bring you optimal comfort. Overall, there is no period in the year where Lamu cannot be recommended; even in the green season, we would still want you to experience this lovely and warm-blooded island. It can become hot around Lamu though, especially in combination with the high humidity. The summer in Kenya takes place from November till February, so count on these months to experience increasing temperatures in Lamu.

The Majlis Hotel Lamu- Kenya
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