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Meerkat family Africa


Safari-Safari focuses primarily on Family Safaris,

from small families to complete intergenerational group.

We have seen first-hand what it does with families, and their bonding, when traveling together on a safari.


It can be magical; it can be transformational.

Child waiting for aircraft airstrip Serengeti Nationaal Park
Zwemmen en snorkelen in ZSwimming and snorkeling in Zanzibar
Meerkat young family on the move Zimbabwe Africa
Vervet monkey and baby mother Tanzania Africa


We choose our accommodation based on family-friendliness. It’s important for your children to feel free and, at the same time, aware of the laws of nature. Our accommodations are perfectly set-up to host families, and the care surrounding your children will make you feel at ease.

We opt for family rooms or interconnecting rooms, which we can pre-book for you. To secure these family-friendly options, early booking is key. Book your family safari with us in advance for smoother arrangements.

Lion in tree Africa Tanzania


Just as with allergies or dietary needs, children may have their preferences too. Not everyone is a carnivore like lions or a vegan like zebras. We understand this well, and we urge you to provide us with your food and drink preferences in advance. Your input is essential for a tailored experience.

Bush food Africa Kenya

Our Family Activity Picks

  • White Water Rafting, Zimbabwe

  • Starry Sky Safari, Botswana

  • Hot Air Balloon Safari in the Serengeti, Tanzania

  • Tribal & Community visits: Kenya and Tanzania



Animal Guide

We will provide free animal guides for you. Your children can explore these books, understand the animals, tick off the ones that they have seen and educate themselves more on nature and wildlife itself.

Not all camps & lodges accept children younger than 6 years old. So, if you want to travel with children of that age, please reach out to us privately and we gladly inform you about the possibilities.


As a (grand)parent, and especially being a parent with young children, you will see the beauty of nature through their eyes. Children quickly learn to focus on the direct nature around them and its wildlife, so you might be able to observe a future conservationist in them, or even a marine biologist.

Children guidebook 4x4 gathering
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