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Out in Kenya

Kenya, a treasure from "Out Of Africa," offers diverse experiences: from northern deserts to unique wildlife, occasional snow-capped Mt. Kenya, the Great Migration, and eastern tropical beaches. Time is precious here. Kenya shines as the perfect family destination. Its’ Eastern African diversity ensures an exceptional safari, every day an exciting, shared adventure. Massive savannahs teem with African wildlife, with over 10% protected in renowned national parks. Straddling the equator, Kenya's Rift Valley spans 5,000 km across East Africa, housing Africa's highest peaks, Mount Kenya and Mount Elgon. Coastal plains lie east, the north is arid. Prime safari regions include Central Highlands and Rift Valley. The south hosts the annual Great Migration - wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, and predators. In summary, Kenya safaris excel in wildlife and scenery. Unlike many Kenyans, the Maasai, Turkana, and Samburu maintain ancestral ways, not fully embracing Western influences. Meeting and experiencing their cultures is truly inspiring.

Map of Kenyan National Parks

Safari-Safari magic

Explore our handpicked safari options that can spark your imagination about Kenya’s wonders. Once you connect with us, we'll personally guide you through the country, crafting your tailored safari adventure. The Great Migration The spectacle of two million wildebeests, gazelle’s and zebras is a unique sight. Going through the Maasai Mara, part of the larger Serengeti ecosystem, thousands and thousands of animals move the endless plains with a flock of birds, insects and predators following them. Words cannot describe this wonder, this magical and uplifting sighting. Private Conservancies A journey to one or more massive private conservancies in Kenya is a five-star experience. Personal attention, guiding knowledge, service levels in the restaurants: all are on a high level. The wildlife is always nearby and might close in on you when sipping from your champagne while having a bush-picnic. Lewa conservancy, Loisaba Hills or Ol Pejeta. The distances are relatively small, and each conservancy holds its own magic and educational value. Let us pick the ideal destination for you, after we get to know you and your family a bit better. Balloon safari This surrealistic experience can be undertaken in the Masai Mara and in Amboseli National Park. We chose the best and safest companies to facilitate this journey from the sky.

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We excel in finding the ideal accommodation and service for you. With deep industry knowledge, our team members have education and experience in this field. Our personal relationships with owners and managers ensure personalized care. Plus, we prioritize environmentally conscious properties. Your comfort and our planet's well-being matter to us. - Villas and luxury houses stand alone, offering privacy, butler service, pools, and fixed structures. Luxury and personalized care define these options, and we strive to secure the finest choices. - Luxury Tented Lodges, known in safaris, emphasize an outdoor connection. Canvas tents with attached bathrooms are standard, and communal areas include restaurants, reception, and pools. - Luxury tented camps feature permanent sites with mainly canvas structures and permanent bathrooms. These camps prioritize views and the bush experience. - Mobile camps, like above, use canvas-style accommodations for mess tents, sleeping tents, and bathrooms. Comfort remains, but this option is the most adventurous.

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Kenya's spotlight has grown due to wildlife documentaries, and David Attenborough's narration. This attention draws visitors, vital for protecting unique flora and fauna. Our conservation goal is to guide travelers to vulnerable regions. These areas need habitat protection, biodiversity preservation, and community support. Join us to create a greater impact while exploring: - The vast Tsavo East and Tsavo West, known for their openness and undisturbed safari days. - Samburu National Park and Buffalo Springs National Park, where spotting the reticulated giraffe and the Gerenuk antelope species is frequent.

Kenya Sunset


Every season holds its charm, making each day in Kenya special. To help you decide the ideal travel time, here are some climatological details: - The green season follows roughly the following pattern: long rains fall from March to May, and short rains from October to December. During these rainy periods, brief showers won't greatly disrupt wildlife viewing. This period offers great deals on safari tours and lodges. - The Great Migration graces the Masai Mara from July to October. - Coastal Kenya offers pleasant weather throughout the year, with occasional heat waves from November to January.

Kenya Lewa Conservancy view
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